Price List (From 1 September 2017)

Our price list is set out below. Please contact the office for a personalized quote for your child's hours.

We do not require a registration fee, retainer or deposit, and charge you only for the hours that your child attends nursery.

Funded places are available for all children from the term after their 3rd birthday (and for some eligible children from the term after their 2nd birthday). Please see the website of Derbyshire County Council for further details, or contact us for more information. Parents can pay for additional nursery care if required.

Childcare sessions 0-3 years
Buxton Nursery is open 8am - 6pm. We do our best to be flexible to offer the sessions that you need based on our availability. Please complete the booking form with your ideal hours. £6.00 per hour
Lunch £3.50
Packed lunch service charge £1.00
Breakfast £0.50
Tea £1.50
Childcare sessions for funded children (3 & 4 year olds)
Option1: Annual/Stretched Funding (24 hours) Option 2: Term time only (30 hours)
Between 9am - 4pm
Between 9am - 3pm (5 days)
£6.00 per hour
£6.00 per hour
8am - 9am
8am - 9am
4pm - 6pm
3pm - 6pm
Lunch £3.50
Packed Lunch Service Charge £1.00
Breakfast £0.50
Tea £1.50
Annual Administration Fee:
We charge an annual administration fee of £15 per family. This will be included on your September invoice every 12 months.
Rota children:
Monthly fee £5
Late Fees:
Buxton Nursery closes at 6pm. Parents arriving after 6pm will be charged £10 for each quarter of an hour until 6:30pm. After 6:30pm we will charge £15 for each quarter of an hour. This will be paid to the 2 members of staff who have to stay.
Additional Services & Quality Premium (charged monthly)
This includes consumables such as baby wipes, nappy liners, disposable gloves, Sudocream, cleaning products, Calpol, suncfream, soap, anti-bacterial gel, tissues, toilet paper, first aid, craft supplies, baking ingredients. This also includes fesh fruit and drinks throughout the day.
Quality Premium
Tapestry online learning journey Use of Parenta/Abacus for our invoicing system
Parent evenings Graduate Leader, Staff Training
Twice yearly reports Use of minibus
15 hours - £5 a week 30 hours - £10 a week
(these will be charged monthly on your invoice)
Other costs that may arise (information and prices given at the time of the trip)
School trips
Swimming lessons
Woodland adventures
Nappies should be supplied by parents but if you have forgotten they cost £0.50 per nappy
Tapestry journal on a memory stick at the end of your child's time with us
Packed lunches can be purchased during the holidays at £2

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