Nursery Stucture

Children in nursery

In line with OFSTED requirements, we implement the Early Years Foundation Stage throughout the setting. Children experience rich opportunities in all six areas of learning. Each child has a key person, who builds a strong relationship with the child and his/her family. This creates a supportive emotional environment in which children flourish.

The Nursery Room caters for children up to the age of 2½. We provide a wide range of activities designed to interest and stimulate, including: child-initiated free play and role play, which provides an opportunity for individual learning; singing, story, rhyme and music sessions; sand, water and exploratory play; creative activities - often with messy painting and sticking sessions; cooking sessions; and a soft play area, especially for younger babies. Staff support these activities sensitively, encouraging independence and providing a helping hand as appropriate. The age range in this room provides a family atmosphere where the children, from the youngest to the oldest, play together and learn together.

The Preschool Room caters for older children. We aim to equip your children with the skills to begin their Reception year at school with confidence. We provide the same range of activities as the nursery room, extending them to include: storytelling sessions, where both staff and children are storytellers; a 'Creative Corner'; number games and problem solving; sustained shared thinking; lots of opportunities to practise mark-making and writing skills; 'letters & sounds' activities which prepare children for literacy sessions at school. Most mornings in the school hall we sing, dance, run, throw, catch, balance or jump. Swimming sessions are also available, at an additional cost.

We also have a small room (the "snug") which is used for small group work or one-to-one additional support.

Children in nursery

We make full use of the outdoor environment for our learning. Children from both rooms go outside every session, dressed appropriately for free play and for a range of activities. We use both the garden and the playgrounds. We also walk to the park and to the shops in small groups. "Woodland Activities" take place in Grinlow Woods in the Spring and Autumn for Preschool children.

We have a minibus and regularly take small groups of children out to see local businesses and services that tie in to our areas of learning. We also organise annual trips for older children a little further afield - this year we have been to Chatsworth House and Chester Zoo.

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